Winnie's World

E-Learning platform for 12 months and 2 books!

Winnie’s world

An exciting English learning journey!
For children 4 years and older.

Winnie’s World teaches English to children through an exciting, carefully designed system that combines online learning with book engagement! It helps children get their first knowledge of English right while they actually think they are playing!

What is Winnie's World

It is a complete English learning solution for children consisting of an online learning platform and 2 companion books. It offers a wide range of educational tools that help children transition smoothly from the beginner level to the elementary knowledge level.

The books contain prescriptive activities and are a very enjoyable way for a child to practice what is being taught Online through the educational platform. The exercises are flexible and the child can do them alone or with the help of the parent. With books these children are encouraged to be creative and learn at the same time! The method is the most enjoyable way to learn and have fun!

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Main Features

Adapted to your own schedule, with easy access and a friendly environment
Annual unlimited access to the educational content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Continuous progress report
The learning platform gives the ability to the learner to be regularly informed about his progress either in summary or in detail.

Skills Development
Develops basic language skills – understanding, speaking, reading, writing.


See here what the contents of the platform and books.

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Winnie's World Content

Now kids can learn English in the easiest and most fun way with Winnie's World!
Winnie’s Worldis a unique learning experience for preschoolers. It will pique their interest and captivate them!

See the conten of the units
in summary:
1 - The Castle
Numbers 0-10 - Introduction; My name is… -greetings; hello, goodbye - character names - various objects
2 - The Family Home
Family members - relationships - locations - daily activities - miscellaneous items
3 - The Paint Factory

Review of numbers, greetings, activities and commands on the phone - color vocabulary - everyday objects - daily activities and times
4 - The Dressmaker’s Shop
Clothes - describing people based on clothes - what we like and what we don't - manners and politeness (please, thank you) - colors and clothing - numbers and clothing
5 - The Gym
Body parts - verbs - words and phrases
6 - The School
Objects of the school - people and their environment - commands and words and phrases of actions
7 - The Grocery Store
Basic items of food - verbs and phrases - simple commands and how to ask for something - polite expressions (Please, Thank you, Can I…?)
8 - The Theater
Emotions - our own and others' emotions - colors, mood, and emotions.

The Environment

Find out what the program environment is like.

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The course environment

Each activity has its own song that makes learning the English language even more fun!

These are some of our heroes within the platform:

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More information about the program

  • Voice recognition system to improve speaking and boost confidence in English
  • Grammar activities designed as a game
  • Automatic correction system for all exercises
  • Additional Learning Tools to help with assimilation.
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