LMS (Learning Management System) for Educational institutions

The ideal solution for Educational Institutions, Kindergartens and Schools.

The comprehensive online foreign language learning programs of Q-Englishcan be the ultimate solution forInstitutions, Kindergardens and Schools.

The Foreign Language Centers or and also Institutions by taking advantage of Q-English they can offer their students an additional supportive educational program with enjoyable and effective learning. It can be used independently or combined with the lessons in class.

Additionally, the same programs can be the ideal solution for companies that want to train their employees.
Employers have the ability to provide their employees a comprehensive training program in order to prepare and train them in the most flexible and economical way so that they are more efficient and effective.

All training programs are designed and created by the company ELL Technologies, Canada. ELL Technologies is active in 35 countries all over the world, more than 3,5 milion users globally and more than 25 years of experience in the educational field. Its programs have been created by people with certified academic and pedagogical knowledge who are constantly educated and trained. With its academic and technological experience, it has managed to stand out since 1993 in education and make its presence significant in many countries. The total course hours of all its programs are more than2000.

Some of the tools of the programs

General management system

Record of the progress of all users and monitoring by the teacher for a complete analysis of the progress individually and generally.


Ability to insert into the platform the logo of the institution and the corporate colors of the organization.

Innovative learning method that covers all areas

Dictionary, grammar, additional speaking practice, written language and more are available to make users want to learn continuously.

Acquaintance with the local culture

The speakers in the videos and audio clips are native English-French-Spanish-Portuguese speakers. Through the topics, the user comes into connection with the culture and mentality of foreign countries and fully understands it.

Collaboration Details

Using the educational platform with the central management system
(LMS – Learning Management System)

Creation of a personalized platform for each educational institution with the possibility of entering the institution’s brand name, logo and corporate colors.

Platform Details (LMS – Learning Management System):

  1. Unique code per student lasting 12 months.
  2. Online communication between students and the teacher with messages (message center)
  3. Ability to continuously monitor the progress of each student.
  4. Possibility of assigning tasks, exercises through the platform (LMS).
  5. Individual progress report (Student Report) at any time.
  6. Time frame for granting licenses: 12 months
  7. Time frame for activating the licenses: 12 months
  8. Technical support of the organization throughout the cooperation by phone or electronically within 24 hours and from Monday to Friday 08.30 – 16.30.
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