About Us

Educational platforms English for Success, Business, Master, Winnie’s World, Spanish, French and Portuguese are designed and created by the company ELL Technologies, Canada.

ELL Technologies operates in 35 countries with 3,5 milion users globally. It specializes in creating integrated educational programs that aim to provide a comprehensive technology-enabled language learning solution.
Its programs have been created by people with certified academic and pedagogical knowledge who are constantly educated and trained. With its academic and technological experience, it has managed to stand out since 1993 in foreign language education and has now acquired a leading role in the global education community by offering comprehensive learning services to students, adults, workers and prospective graduates.

ELL Technologies has long-standing partnerships with educational and technological institutions. It cooperates with important publishing houses, universities, tutoring centers, educational centers and schools from all over the world.

Our company, Technology and Education SA, with 26 years of experience in the field of education, has been the exclusive representative in Greece and Cyprus since 2007 of ELL Technologies.

The services we provide, in partnership with ELL Technologies, are the most advanced self-learning educational solution that a learner, a company for its employees or an educational institution for its students could choose.

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